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21 September 2021
Fribourg, Switzerland

Connect - effective networking for

  • Federal (national), cantonal (regional) and municipal (local) authorities
    Political decision-makers, energy, environment and spatial planning departments, economic departments
  • Energy suppliers
    Industrial utilities, district heating networks, energy producers
  • Planners
    Geologists, water and environmental specialists, energy experts, urban and spatial planners, architects, engineers, project managers, ...
  • Component suppliers, contractors
    Boreholes, well components, geothermal probes, energy piles, measuring devices and techniques, software, simulation, ...
  • Consumers of heat and cold
    Real estate owners, industry, crafts, data centres, agriculture, fish farming, ...
  • Universities and research centres
    Professors, doctoral students, students
  • Investors
    Institutions interested in long-term investments for carbon reduction

      The platform offers

      • First hand information on projects and international trends:
        • Heat and cold in urban areas, for industry, for agriculture
        • The subsoil as a energy storage
        • Electricity, lithium, CO2 capture
        • Knowing, protecting and using underground resources  
      • Access to experts from authorities, research and industry in the fields of geology, energy, environment, economics 
      • Exchange of knowledge, experience, technologies, products, services
      • Integration of partial solutions into complete systems
      • Effective Networking to facilitate cooperation among authorities (framework conditions), industry (implementation) and universities (newest knowledge)

      Take advantage

      • Publish your profile with your competences
      • Present your products, services and projects on the marketplace
      • Benefit from the possibility to have regularly 1to1 meetings to develop your activities
      • Get privileged access to thematic seminars, knowledge exchange communities, continuous educations possibilities and to the annual forum

      Join the community

      • You were not able to attend the Forum 2021 and to register on the platform and you're interested to join the community: write a email to connect@geothermie-suisse.ch
      Location Forum Fribourg
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      Participants 186
      Meetings 244
      Switzerland 252
      France 18
      Germany 13
      Netherlands 4
      Italy 2
      Denmark 2
      Belgium 1
      Norway 1
      United Arab Emirates 1
      Hungary 1
      Iceland 1
      Total 296
      Private company 147
      Public-private company 29
      Start-up company 11
      Cooperative 3
      Foundation 1
      Association / Federation 22
      Research institution / University 45
      Public authority 30
      Student 1
      Individual person / Freelancer 5
      Other 2
      Total 296
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      Before event 4890
      After event 1474
      Total 6364