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21 September 2021
Fribourg, Switzerland

Knowledge transfer

We work here on a site for sharing knowledge and experience on the use of geothermal energy. Project reports, research and development results, experiences related to successes and challenges, skills, products, services, ... 

Aim is to facilitate

  • sharing of knowledge
  • finding complementary expertise
  • inducing partnerships between Authorities (local, regional, inter-national),  Private Sector, Academia and Civil Society to achieve Sustainable Development Goals with geothermal energy.

This is a work in progress, participate and contribute to generate added value!

25% of Switzerland's heat requirement from geothermal energy

The natural heat of the earth beneath our feet can supply at least a quarter of Switzerland's heat requirements by 2050. Compared to today's heat production, this would save 4.5 tonnes of CO2 per year or 1.7 billion litres of fuel oil, while creating regional added value.

> Contextual information in Switzerland (in French)

> Key Findings European Geothermal Market Report 2020

> A Social License for Geothermal & the Case of the Missing Lobbyists: An Interview with Marit Brommer


The online marketplace allows you to find expertise, products and services from companies, authorities and universities in the various fields of geothermal energy. Searches can be made with different filters and search criteria and cover peopleorganisations as well as products, services et projects.


Edition of SwissEngineering with focus on geothermal energy

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TED talk Jamie Beard – Geothermal, the untapped energy source

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